1 1990: Cambridge, Massachusetts: Iranian Women After the Revolution (Nimeye Digar)

2. 1991: Cambridge, Massachusetts: Research and the Arts

3. 1992: Los Angeles, California: Images of Women in Iranian Culture

4. 1993: Vienna, Austria: Women and Family: Experiences in Iran and in Exile

5. 1994: Los Angeles, California: Women and Politics in Contemporary Iran

6. 1995: Toronto, Canada: Women, Sexuality and Islam

7. 1996: Seattle, Washington: Iranian Women and Human Rights

8. 1997: Paris, France: Feminism and the Iranian Women’s Movement

9. 1998: Washington, District of Columbia: The Iranian Woman and Modernity

10. 1999: Montreal, Canada: The Iranian Woman at the Threshold of the Year 2000

11. 2000: Berkeley, California: Review of the Iranian Women’s Feminist Studies and Movements in the Past Two Decades and Its Future Outlook

12. 2001: Stockholm, Sweden: Iranian Women At Home and Abroad: What Is To Be Done?

13. 2002: Denver, Colorado: Women, Religion, Ideology

14. 2003 : London, United Kingdom: Globalization and its Impact on Women

15. 2004: Berlin, Germany: Gender Relations and Modernity in Iran

16. 2005: Vienna, Austria: The Status of Iranian Women in the Past 25 Years: Peace Initiatives, Human Rights, Political Participation, Careers and Gender Exploitation

17. 2006: Montreal, Canada: Secular Feminism: The Constitutional Revolution, The Present Situation and Challenges

18. 2007: College Park, Maryland: Achievements and Challenges of Iranian Women: A Cross-generational Perspective

19. 2008: Berkeley, California: The Essential Needs of the Iranian Woman Today

20. 2009: Hanover, Germany: The Iranian Women’s Studies in the Context of the Iranian Women’s Movement after Twenty Years.

21. 2010: Paris, France: The Iranian Women’s Movement: Political Changes and Democratic Struggles.

22. 2011: Amersfoort, the Netherlands: Identities and Challenges.

23: 2012: MIT Cambridge, Massachusetts: Dialogue of Two Generations

24. 2013: Koln, Germany: Women, Body and Autonomy

25: 2014: Irvine, California: Women for Change, Collaboration and Political Participation 

26. 2015: London, England: Women, Peace and Security

27. 2016: Washington DC, USA, The Women's Movment in the New Era. Facing Iran: Opportunities and Challenges